What are the BEST natural supplements to take for Depression?

by Jessica
(Raleigh, NC)

me without depression on my wedding day

me without depression on my wedding day

I have suffered from anxiety since 2003 and most recently depression for the past two months. My husband just got a job promotion and we need to move two hours away on March 6th which is making me very worried since I have been suffering so badly. Sometimes it is hard for me to keep my eyes open and I will feel nauseous when in a situation I am not comfortable in. What natural supplements from GNC would be good for me to get started on? I refuse to try another anti-depressant and would love to find something that will help me to help myself out of this rut I am in. I am going to change my diet starting tonight and start walking tomorrow once the last past of the dizziness from taking Abilify wears off. I am 5'2 and since I lost 12 lbs in a week from this debilitating time I weigh 100 lbs. I plan on heading to GNC tomorrow to get some supplements seeing as before my depression my diet consisted of mainly pizza and junk. I hope to hear from you soon!


Hi Jessica :) Thanks for sharing and for your beautiful photo. I encourage you to focus on fresh vegetables and fruit and whole grains. Then on top of that find an Omega 3 supplement that's been approved by the IFOS (International Fish Oil Standards). Learn more here...

But, most importantly I hear that change for you brings anxiety. Sometimes the fear of change can absolutely paralyze us. Trust. Trust in what is to come. You may have had an experience in the past that tells you to be afraid and fear the future. I have had that myself and had to reprogram myself in a way. I also found hope in this verse...

"Trust God from the bottom of your heart;
don't try to figure out everything on your own.
Listen for God's voice in everything you do, everywhere you go;
he's the one who will keep you on track.
Don't assume that you know it all.
Run to God! Run from evil!
Your body will glow with health,
your very bones will vibrate with life!
Honor God with everything you own;
give him the first and the best.
Your barns will burst,
your wine vats will brim over."

I gradually learned to claim this verse and trust in Him. Wow, life has been an absolute turn around for me. This website is only one example. Because of my own story, and choosing to share it online, I can spread hope to 20,000 people a month and the emails and messages I receive of lives being changed fills my sails. From suicidal to helping others.

I also did a little trick... I wore a rubber band around my wrist and snapped it whenever I worried or thought negative thoughts. It was a way of telling myself - "that's not healthy, let's stop that". Instead I focused on the good and the positive and found joy in the things I was good at and gifted at.

Ask yourself, what are my strengths, talents and gifts? What hobbies do you love to do? Focus on using those. Take courage and use them to help others such as encouraging your husband in his job change. I find that focusing on helping others is a FANTASTIC way to reprogram yourself off your worries, fears and anxieties. In fact looking outside yourself to others is a MAJOR key.

I would also encourage you to check out a few books on anxiety and dealing with anxiety (my favourite: "Life Strategies by Dr. Phil) or speak with a counselor on your anxiety. It is your anxiety that is ultimately no doubt leading to your depression.

If there is something in your past or perhaps your own parents were worriers and you've learned this pattern of living from them, you need to know how to reprogram your life strategies. And this can be done!! :) I am proof of that! Through the link above you'll see the Life Strategies book which is one book that I leaned on through my depression to deal with the emotions and figure out where the root was.

Blessings to you Jessica. There is hope. Continue to go through my e-course and retrain yourself, feed yourself healthy food, get sleep and exercise, find stuff you enjoy doing, focus on loving and encouraging your husband, speak with one of our online counselors if you need a listening ear... little by little you will find hope! Let me know how it goes!!!! Keep me in touch. I have hope for you my friend.

Blessings and hugs,

Merri Ellen :)

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Aug 12, 2015
True information is shared
by: Unzueta

The greatness and the pleasure of the life is in thoughtful and ignoring a couple of things which we may coat in term of misunderstandings of others.

Feb 26, 2010
The BEST natural supplements...
by: Anonymous









Feb 26, 2010
by: Anonymous

Hay Jessica,
Terri always has great advice to offer. I just wanted to add another good supplement for depression. It's called htp-5, I used this when I first stop using the anti-depressant the doctor had me on, and it worked wonders. I still use it occasionally, but today I usually just try to maintain a good diet. Terri mentions God, and he is my main source for help today too. Here's a reading from a face book application I belong too: "That it's time for us to let go. Yes, of course, we want to control: so everything happens in just the way we want it. But at the end of the day, we control nothing, - it's all in God's hands, - has always been, and will always be. So, do what you can, and then let go and let God handle the rest. He will never leave nor forsake us Jessica. Turn it over you’ll be just fine. In the meantime you’re in my prayers. God Bless you all of your days,

Jerry B.

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