what can i do to help my husbend Kick his depreshion with out medication or only natral meds?

by Shalimar

My husband is so depressed. every question i ask him is always same. He shrugs his shoulders and stares out the window. He has times he is happy, like On his Motorcycle but not off. But times he don't even wont to go .That not like him. some times he torments me or our pets ( not hurt ) ( like he tickles me and i hate it. makes me feel bad ) and he says it helps him smile. I wish there was another way. also 6 months ago he was in a accident and hurt bad. He is fine now but even before the accident he was down. But our situation has changed for the better because of the accident. alot better and he is more down. But because of the accident he had so much drugs be put in him he wont touch anything. not even pain medications. its fine cause he knows his body but i think he needs some help. Please is there a natural way to help his depression?

ANSWER: Thank you for sharing. Yes, there is! Please sign up for the e-course or purchase the complete guide and take the info to your doctor. It's the info I used to beat depression med-free! There is hope!

Merri Ellen :)

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