What I am capable of achieving and the wall of prevention: Depression

by Paul
(New Jersey)

I have no ability anymore to think, act, and even communicate creatively. Lost to my friends, I can't make simple jokes, I can't write my music anymore, I can't even complete my mathematics assignments anymore. Nothing makes sense. My mind doesn't seem to flow from place to place anymore in a sequential order. I'm not sure why. is it a guilty conscious? is it my diet and exercise? what have I done to lose all my desire and motivation to learn and research and act upon my hobbies and dreams!! I want to really focus, but I always maintain this feeling of sadness and distracted motivation that takes everything away from me. I can't do anything. I"m losing friends because of my lack of communication. I'm lost. help :(


Thanks for sharing. The first thing you mentioned was a guilty conscience. That indeed could be a clue. I invite you to chat further with us regarding this...

There is hope Paul!

Merri Ellen

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