what is going on?

I had serious depression about 2 years ago(tried to take my own life),everything has been fine and over the last couple of weeks im gettin the same low feelings,i have two lovely young kids and a very loving partner,now i cant sleep unless ive been drinking,my work is also suffering ive become very lazy and ive always been very active,ive started putting the weight on also..what is happening to me,so scared im going down the same route as before.


You could be suffering from a physical health problem such as thyroid imbalance or low iron etc. Be sure to ask your doctor to do some tests BEFORE he tries to just give you medication.

Or do you know caused your previous depression? Past childhood hurt or burdens? Have you chatted with a counselor? Feel free to chat with one of ours online.

Dig deeper with your doctor and a counselor while taking advantage of our research in our e-course.

There is hope!

Merri Ellen

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