What makes me sad??

by chrissy

Well I have been battling depression and OCD for a majority of my late teen and twenties. I feel that sometimes my sadness comes from anger, so I guess I am answering 2 questions with one answer.
I get angry alot...with the people I love the most.
I feel lonely when my husband wants to go out and do something without me and I am left with the responsibility of managing the home. Deep down I know that individual time is important in any relationship but I still feel "alone"
My loneliness then turns to anger...resentment, then turns to sadness and I cry or "mope"
I especially get angry when I feel unappreciated...at work or at home. I am a "people pleaser" but majority of the time I feel angry and sad because I feel like no one notices all that I do for them at work.

Other times I just feel plain SAD
I have no idea what triggers it, and I am always trying to fill that void with something to make the sadness go away...I am forever trying to explain to my husband what is the matter when he asks me what wrong, but when I go to speak...I have no idea what to say!!!It is so Confusing???
I have tried medication, I have tried natural herbs I feel frustrated with all of the options to clear myself of this annoying behavior....

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