What or who brings you joy

by Sabrina

My lover


The greatest joy is found in a marital relationship that is fully committed to mutual submission because there is a life commitment of mutual respect and love. Lovers can change their mind on their 'commitments'. They choose not to be married in order for there to be a back door and then there are broken hearts. Be careful. After the excitement dies, there's no commitment. Love isn't merely a feeling, it is much greater than that. It is a covenant of life-long helping each other through thick and thin. Through marriage we can learn about unconditional love, respectful honor, how to forgive and be forgiven. We can see our shortcomings and grow from that insight. Lovers are artificial in that they only love us for a time or for some mere piece of our life - not the whole. Don't settle for the cheap imitation. :)

Merri Ellen

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