What or who makes you angry?

by Andrew
(Luanda, Angola)

I would like to share my traumatic experience with you because I am so desperate to get cured of this dreadful disease.

I can't really tell what has triggered the depression (although I was exposed to too much hardship and emotional abuse from my aunt during my childhood), but i just realized a sudden change into my behaviours and I don't enjoy anymore what I used to enjoy. I lost interest in everything and I always want to be alone.

The last persons I want to keep company with are my wife and my kids. The kids became huge nuisance in my life. My wife complains too much that I don't lov her anymore because I lost interest in her. I lost sex appetite and I am no longer interested in romance. As I am writing now this text, I am at the brink of losing my wife as she always threatens to leave me.

Suicide thoughts are always roaming around in my mind, but I remain stronger for the sake of my children.

I went out to seek treatment from local doctors where I was diagnosed with Depression. I was subjected to eighteen months drug intake treatment, but to no avail. I still feel the same. I gave up until this time I read your story.

I lost hope, I think I will never become a normal person again.

If you in fact have a remedy (way) to help me to get cured, I am poised to receive such information.

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