what type of therapist for going through depression?

by Brittany

I am currently on a waiting list to see some form of therapist. (I have been diagnosed with depression for a very long time, I am only 21 years old.) Also, I have experienced recently some terrible trauma in my life. My doctor was not specific as to what type of therapist I was going to see. I have read that there are certain forms of therapy that are non-effective towards depression, and I am worried that my family doctor will not best suit me to the right one. Any answers as to which type I should see? And what they consist of? Thank You, Brittany


Thanks for sharing a bit of your story... If it helps, here's a guide on how to choose a good counselor. You can walk through it to help answer some questions.

If for some reason, you cannot find one in your area that you cannot really connect with, you are always welcome to access our online counselors.

The important thing is to give the person a chance and find someone you connect with.

More about our online Professional Counseling you can access even today...

(Simply click on the orange button on that page to view a long list of online counselors).

There is hope! You are worth it Brittany!

Merri Ellen

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