what will i do! i dont know for sure whats wrong with me !

by sumaiya hamid
(dhaka, bangladesh)

1.i see only 3 people most. my mom, sis ( 7 years ) and, my fiance. they r positive. but, not very modern and afriad to look at the world with an open mind, so, im imprisoned in my own little home to make them satisfied that im not involved with anything wrong.

2.i never saw peace in my childhood and now i dont have any because im depressed. so, when i get better i want myself in a free world where i can think that anything possible , even getting a peaceful life.

3.im not a great learner from environment, so, im not sure. but i think its showing me some truth that i was not aware of before.

4.betrayal, blame, lie makes me angry.

5.when i find out that nobody care what i say never ever.

6.the only people made me happy is my fiance. he is the one who brought me back from dark with his love.

7.i have not read the report.

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