More Than One Bipolar Disorder Success Story...

In his book,  “The Omega 3 Connection” Dr. Andrew Stoll shares about more than just one bipolar disorder success story. Here is a sampling…

For 23 years, bipolar disorder wreaked havoc for one of Dr Andrew Stoll’s female patients, now a 45 year old woman who worked as a research scientist. Despite her expert knowledge of science and medicine, she was unable to find adequate treatment for her dangerous peaks of mania and dark valleys of depression. Medications dulled her and caused significant weight gain. As a result, she had trouble focusing on her work, enjoying life and relationships with friends. She was anxious for a cure and fascinated to hear of Dr. Andrew Stoll’s work in Boston, Massachusetts. She participated in his controlled, double-blind study, in which neither doctor nor patient is told who is receiving the placebo (a fake) or omega 3 (fish oil) supplements.

"Just 2 weeks into the trial, her mania was gone and the first time in decades, the depression had lifted. She has kept taking fish oil and has been in full remission for over 3 years. "

Talk about a bipolar disorder success story!

Dr. Andrew Stoll reveals several uplifting bipolar success stories in a behind-the-scenes look at his study of omega 3 fatty acids and bipolar disorder, published in The Archives of General Psychiatry in May 1999. (As noted, he is also the author of “The Omega 3 Connection”).

Some comments from the forums…

(Another bipolar disorder success story)

Susan: “I am bipolar and have been using Omega-3 for about a year. My psychiatrist put me on it… Not only does it act as a mood stabilizer, it also improves my mental clarity as well. For anyone who is considering this treatment, I recommend the book "The Omega-3 Connection" by Andrew Stoll, M.D. The author headed up the study of Omega-3 at Harvard Medical School. In this book, the study particulars are documented as well as the top brands of Omega-3 supplements.”

Alan: “Dozens of persons all over the U.S. and Canada are achieving profound results in overcoming bipolar disorder using natural therapies. The anecdotal evidence that bipolar disorder is adequately, if not fully, correctable via natural means is absolutely overwhelming at this point in time.”

THE Bipolar Disorder Success Story Book

To read more like the bipolar disorder success story above, we recommend Dr. Andrew Stoll’s book: “The Omega 3 Connection” which also gives excellent further advice on the benefits of Omega 3 Fish Oil and how to choose the right fish oil supplement. It's not only a scientific resource but also a motivational book filled with bipolar success stories.

“A must-read for anyone dealing with depression” - Lauren Marangell, M.D. Director of Psychopharmacology, Baylor College of Medicine.

It's our wish that you would have a success story too!

There is hope! You are worth it!

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