Further Instruction on Finding JOY

by Shelby
(Northfield, MN)

I have just finished the six steps to cure depression and I am on my way to feeling a world better about myself inside and out.

I was shopping at my coop store and came across a book by Henry Emmons MD called the "Chemistry of Joy". I ordered it from Amazon and have been reading it. The six steps and the book have similar aspects, but the book dives into Ayurvedic wisdom and the three types of depression that I found very helpful. Using the 6 steps with Dr. Emmons research on natural ways that blend western and eastern philosophy to find the Chemistry of Joy.


Thanks Shelby for your post. Glad to hear you found our research very helpful!

*Just a word of caution regarding ayurvedic medicine...

Ayurvedic treatments are primarily dietary and herbal, yet dangerous amounts of lead have been found in Ayurvedic medicines, including ghasard, a brown powder given to relieve constipation in babies, and mahayogaraj gugullu, for high blood pressure. A study of shops in the Boston area by Robert Saper et al. found high concentrations of lead, mercury, and arsenic in Ayurvedic medicine.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported 12 cases of lead poisoning in 2004 associated with Ayurvedic remedies in Texas, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York, and California. This was recorded in the Journal of the American Medical Association

If spiritual health is your concern, you may learn more here...

There is hope!


Merri Ellen

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