not sure if depression is coming again

by Gem

For the last 2 years in a row about Maytime I have had depression, post natal the doctor thinks, last year was very very bad and I had to go on prozac. I never like to take any pills so this was a last resort
I live on my own most of the time as my husband works away and he doesn't get how I feel
any way in the last week or so I have started having very bad anxiety even about the smallest things, I am also starting to get tearful and am worrying that this is the start of it all again
spoke to the doc who is very good and she said there would be a prescription for anti dep, escataliron or something
im not sure what to do as last year the prozac made me feel bad for a few weeks and I have a small toddler to have fun with and cant do that being out of it

any suggestions?


Thanks for your question. Start by digging deeper with your doctor/nutritionist or a counselor to discover the cause of your depression. A drug can sometimes mask the true cause and I often have readers who have medicated themselves for 20-30 years not dealing with the real cause. Here's a brief overview of the basic causes of depression, where to investigate further, and how we can help.

There is hope! You are worth it.

Merri Ellen :)

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