"Does Web MD truly help those with depression?"

I did my fair share of research on Web MD after suffering from depression. I was desperate to find a natural cure after suffering from side effects from antidepressant medication. I wanted to learn about natural cures like skills and herbs and such. However, I was disappointed to find that they failed to supply such valuable information. Web MD has become the first stop for many families to look for medical advice. Sadly, for info for depression, I only noticed ads everywhere on anti depressant medication. I fully am aware how medication serves its purpose but surely they would have some professional advice on natural solutions -especially after all the studies coming out about suicide being a result of using certain medications? We are fully aware of how medication can kick start one’s recovery – but for a long lasting natural cure, Web MD fails to deliver.

Under ‘other treatments’ I thought I would find some information on a natural cure for depression, but Web MD failed to list anything as far as herbal or the like. They merely listed therapy and exercise - which is a good start.

I found something strange at Web MD when I searched further into their ‘references’- I noticed that they actually had 2 interesting sources listed on the topic of essential amino acids being an effective treatment for depression. So, why didn’t they talk about them? I started with their sources on essential amino acids and did some research myself. (You’re welcome to read my hours of research compiled into a free report.)

I headed for the medical journals after unsuccessfully finding info beyond medications at Web MD. I did the research elsewhere determined to find an answer and a natural and permanent cure for depression. What I found was exciting and yet appalling – appalling that my former doctor was quick to medicate me (which brought on suicidal thoughts) and didn’t even ask me about my diet and lifestyle! (If your car isn’t running properly, wouldn’t your mechanic do a diagnostic scan to find out the problem before giving a solution?)

After researching the medical journals, I learned that the bulk of illnesses, including depression, found in our society have to do with our diet, our mothers’ diets and even our grandmothers’ diets. Our diets have deteriorated in the last 100 years at full speed ahead. What generations eat will affect the next. This includes depression. So many of us are told it is a hereditary disease. Not so and unfortunately Web MD fails to educate you of this.

I’ve learned that education is so powerful. You have to ask questions! The research I found on natural cures for depression has allowed me to be depression free for over 4 years now without medication and without the nasty side effects.

So, please Web MD. Please offer your readers the growing amount of research findings on a natural permanent cure for depression that doesn’t come with the horrible side effects.

It pains me to see that, Web MD, you're failing to report the vast load of research that fills the medical journals and reveals the most powerful natural cures for depression – cures that are more permanent than any medication. Our society is so trained to think that medication is the answer to everything. However, if altering a person’s behavior will produce the same beneficial brain changes that can come from medication—without the risks and side effects—then the advantages are obvious!

Science has revealed that there are 6 major ingredients that must be present in your life to cure depression. The good news is that they are all natural skills that you can easily apply and are most likely missing due to our deficient modern diets and lifestyle.

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"Is There a Natural Cure For Depression?"

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