Why can't I get out of feeling of not wanting to get up, not even wanting to do anything at all?

I have no appetite but only crave junk food. What can I take that is a natural cure? I get even more depressed on antidepressants. I take omega 3, 5-htp, an ultimate woman vitamin and extra B complex. How much should I take and is this where I should begin to help me improve my moods?


I am not a doctor but this sounds like you may be suffering from a food allergy or hypoglycemia. The fact that you are craving sugar tells me you need to ask your doctor or a nutritionist about this. I cover more of this in my handbook which you should take to your doctor.

Those supplements you listed are excellent starters...

For fish oil, you should look for a brand that will give you 1000 mg of EPA and 500 mg of DHA per day. This is the amount that has been shown in studies to be beneficial to people with depression.

To learn more about fish oil supplements, and what brands to look for, read the following article on fish oil supplements...

You can boost your serotonin with 5-HTP supplements to cure depression...

“What’s a good natural source of serotonin to cure depression?”

Can You Eat Food High in Serotonin to Battle Depression? Here’s the truth...

Vitamin B12 and Depression – For some of you, it’s that simple. Once I discovered this, I began taking Vitamin B supplements to boost the effectiveness of my 5 HTP supplements. The research, by Kuopio University ...

Remember to consult your doctor.

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Jul 22, 2009
cant take oil
by: Anonymous

I have tried many times to take fish oil supplements but they constantly repeat on me and make me feel sick. What do you suggest I take instead, I feel I need some kind of supplement as I suffer from Arthritus.

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