"What’s the Link Between Clutter and Depression?"

Clutter and Depression have a strong ‘mindlink’.

What I mean is: Depression can cause clutter in your house and clutter in your house can cause depression. It's a vice versa relationship.

Here’s an example in my own life. I have learned from experience that if I do not have a peaceful house where things are easy to find and well organized, I get frustrated. That frustration and feeling out of control leads to depression.

On the other hand, when we feel depressed from other circumstances in our lives, we lack the drive to tidy up after ourselves. As a result, clutter happens.

This can be a never ending cycle.

Often times, when you deal with the core issues in your life, you material possessions get cleaned up and put away. Once you've got a peaceful space to live in, you'll enjoy a more peaceful mood! Clutter and depression are like two little devils standing in your way of a better life.

clutter and depression

“Possessions, like fat, insulate us from the outside world, building a wall of junk which we can hide behind. Our clutter becomes an insular mechanism for shielding ourselves from pain. We all do to some degree, but few ever make the correlation. The sheer act of acquiring stuff, too, can be a self-medication. How many of us shop in order to feel better? But it´s a temporary fix that, in the end, only adds to our depression.”– Christy Best, Professional Organizer

As a result of my desire to beat clutter and depression, I have steered towards minimalism.

My house is a modest mid-century rancher with cherry wood floors and white walls. If I have anything on the walls, it is original art work by friends with cheery colours to brighten up my mood. I wanted it to look like an art gallery with art that lifts up, not depresses.

My art work is full of cheery colours like yellow, orange, some blues and greens and some red. I’ve learned that having this cheery art around me 24-7 is inspiring and uplifting.

I have also chosen only furniture that is necessary and has clean lines. No overstuffed, oversized couches for me. It makes my house look smaller and there’s no room to walk! I simply have a couch and 2 chairs. I don’t even have a coffee table. You only put junk on it anyway. The clutter is gone in my house.

Because I have learned that clutter and depression are a ‘mindlink’ in my own health, I organize, tidy up and minimize!

You can learn simple home organization that will change your life and eliminate clutter and depression.

Try a few simple tips on clearing clutter and depression and your life will be changed forever. Mine has.

Mike Nelson, author of "Stop Clutter from Stealing Your Life" says cluttering is a form of OCD – (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) - called hoarding. If you are a ‘hoarder’, at worst, you never throw away anything. Your home may be nearly impassable because of stacks of papers, books - and garbage. If your problem approaches hoarding, Mike urges you to speak with a counselor.

Talk to someone about your clutter and depression today.

There is hope! You are worth it!

Merri Ellen Giesbrecht

Your Editor

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